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Make A Difference!

Our new Make A Difference! Programme is in response to many of our guests asking what single thing could they do that would make a difference. The whole philosophy of the East Bali Poverty Project foundation does not allow individuals to single out individual children and sponsor them. This set up can be costly and one of the reasons that the Bali Dynasty Resort chose the East Bali Poverty Project as the organisation to support back in 2000 was due to the minimal operating costs and therefore the maximum impact that donations would have directly on the children.

We have listed below a 'wish list' of the items that are needed to Make A Difference!


Unit Price

No of Items
Total Price
Complete sets of School textbooks for Junior High Class 1 (11 subjects) Rp.333,375     32 sets Rp.10,668,000
Complete sets of School textbooks for Junior High Class 2 (11 subjects) Rp.352,800 9 sets Rp.3,175,200
Complete sets of School textbooks for Junior High Class 3 (11 subjects) Rp.328,125 19 sets Rp.6,234,375
Complete sets of School textbooks for Senior High Class 1 (10 subjects) Rp.335,475 7 sets Rp.2,348,325
Complete sets of School textbooks for Senior High Class 2 (10 subjects) Rp.335,475 7 sets Rp.2,348,325
Complete sets of School textbooks for Senior High Class 3 (10 subjects) Rp. 321,825 4 sets Rp. 1,287,300
Science kits and Science posters sets: These kits will assist EBPP education team to teach and explain biology, physics, mathematics, etc. for primary and junior high children's 'learning by doing' programme.  - - -
Elementary School Science posters Rp.1,050,000 6 sets Rp.6,300,000
Eclipse: model that explain how eclipses happen Rp.1,386,000 6 sets Rp.8,316,000
Junior High School Science Posters Rp.483,000 6 sets Rp.2,898,000
Biology Posters Rp 2,194,500 6 sets Rp.13,167,000
Torso Male: model of male human body and the functions Rp 367,500 6 sets Rp.2,205,000
Torso Female: model of male human body and the functions Rp.404,250 6 sets Rp.2,425,000
Planetarium:Showsrelationship between the position and motion of the sun, earth and moon. The sun can light up and show automatic rotation the earth around its axis, how the moon revolves around the earth, etc Rp.483,000 6 sets Rp.2,898,000
Human Learning Skeleton Rp. 603,750 6 sets Rp.3,622,500
Microscope USB that can connected to computer Rp.945,000 6 sets Rp.5,670,000
Junior high school Biology Kit  I Rp.2,940,000 6 sets Rp.17,640,000
Junior high school Biology Kit II Rp. 840,000 6 sets Rp. 5,040,000
Elementary school Mathematics kit Rp.2,388,750 6 sets Rp.14,332,500
Junior high school Mathematics kit Rp.1,932,000 6 sets Rp.11,592,000
Zoology model: model of animal sections such as chicken, egg, amoeba, frog, crocodile etc. Rp.1,524,000 6 sets Rp.9,147,000
"Rocks models" including posters of how rocks are formed:Theserocks type illustrations will assist teachers to provide insight to the students about  various rock types and the formation process. Desa Ban is built on a volcanic mountain and can comprise many rock types, especiallypumice, andesite and basalt, gypsum, limestone, granite, etc. Rp.525,000 6 sets Rp.3,150,000
Human Anatomy picture: pictures of human anatomy such as heart, brain, tongue, skin, eye, ear, mouth, etc (22 human anatomy) Rp.787,500 6 sets Rp.4,725,000
Plant Biology picture: biology picture for various type of plant such as corn, coffee, banana, mango, pollinationflowers, etc (11 plants) Rp.420,000 6 sets Rp.2,520,000
Animal Biology Picture: biology picture for various type of animals such as mosquito, snake, bird, butterfly, fish, etc (12 animals) Rp.435,750 6 sets Rp.2,614,500
Indonesian Hero’s Posters: posters of Indonesian national hero, Rp.315,000 6 sets Rp.1,890,000
World globe large size Rp.315000 6 units Rp.1,800,000
World globe small size Rp.105,000 12 units Rp.1,260,000
Dictionaries for EBPP high school children: English-Indo. & Indonesian – English by John M. Echols and Hassan Shadily, published by PT. Gramedia Pustaka Utama Jakarta Rp.226,380 19 sets Rp.4,301,220
200 Early English language reading books for 20 primary school students Rp. 21,000 200 units 4,200,000
Camera set to document school activities Rp. 2,500,000 1 Rp. 2,500,00
Vacational skills training for one EBPP school graduated for one year, to assist in the sustainable development of their mountain vilaage Rp. 10,500,000 1 Rp. 10,500,000
University scholarship for one talented EBPP school graduate for ONE year of a 4-year degree. He/She will return to the village after graduated to apply his/her knowledge Rp. 36,000,000 1 Rp. 36,000,000